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A Guide to Running Effective Tutorials

Gregory Pastoll . Ph.D

142 pages
168 x 224mm

ISBN-13: 978-0-958-30853-9

First published by Arrow Publishers, Cape Town,.


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TUTORIALS THAT WORK is based on experience in a university setting. Primarily intended for tutors in tertiary education, it is also directly relevant to anyone who teaches in small groups, in any subject, at any level.

The experience of participating in a tutorial should enliven students, get them to operate at full stretch, and increase their confidence in their own learning ability. This book will assist you to achieve these goals, and to plan tutorials that really work.

Twenty-four self-contained chapters cover every aspect of running successful tutorials, from The First Meeting to Concluding a Tutorial, from Getting Students to Talk to giving constructive Feedback. There is also a chapter on applying tutorial principles to improve the effectiveness of communication in large gatherings, such as are found at conferences.

Anecdotes, cartoons and examples of tutorial designs drawn from actual practice in a variety of disciplines give the content a lively authenticity.

Greg Pastoll was a consultant on teaching methods at the University of Cape Town for 10 years. He has run over 70 training courses for tutors. He has also done extensive research into typical tutorial methods in use at the University. Much of this research is incorporated in this book. This solid base of research and experience, combined with the author's easy-to-read style, make TUTORIALS THAT WORK an indispensable handbook for all educators.


.. About the Author .

Gregory Pastoll grew up in a small town in rural South Africa in the 1950s. All his life he has been fascinated by how people learn, and he has been a keen observer of how teaching sometimes does and sometimes doesn't assist learning to happen.

His teaching experience covers a wide range of subjects and institutions. After a brief spell as a mechanical engineer, he spent five years teaching engineering subjects at The Cape Technikon. That's where he first began experimenting with teaching methods to find ways of making learning more meaningful for his students. He then became a consultant on tertiary teaching methods at the University of Cape Town, where he stayed for 14 years, being promoted ad hominem to senior lecturer. He obtained his PhD in higher education from UCT in 1994. His thesis dealt with the concept of educatedness: a survey of the personal qualities considered by educators to be indicative of advanced educational development.

His work at UCT led him to run more than 70 short courses to train university tutors. In 1992, on the basis of this experience and research he did into tutorial methods in use on the campus, he published the book 'Tutorials That Work, a guide to running effective tutorials'. (Cape Town: Arrow Publishers). He has given seminars on various aspects of tertiary teaching methods and evaluation, at four other universities in Southern Africa.

He has also taught in a primary school, a high school, two language institutes, and a business college, variously in South Africa, South Korea, and Austria. The subjects he has taught include English, mathematics, physics, art, and woodwork.

In his teaching, Greg is passionate about promoting self-reliance, will-power and exuberance about being human. He believes that the important thing about learning is not so much what you learn, but what characteristics you develop as a result of engaging in that process.

He has many interests, among them painting, violin-making, and writing songs and children's stories. In 1996 he designed, produced and marketed a board game to promote the sport of cricket. His first children's musical, The Pirate Queen, was performed in Cape Town in 2007. His second musical, Jovano's Question, was performed in March 2009. His first collection of rhyming stories for children, The King of Kafooni and other rhyming tales, was published by Authorhouse in 2010. He has produced two CDs of stories for children. For details of these and his other activities, see his website Greg is currently (2012) teaching Engineering Mechanics at The Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town.

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